The School Board

Protecting Education Excellence in Fairfax


As one of the top school systems in the nation, it is imperative that the Fairfax County School Board keeps focused on its primary mission – to provide a high quality education that prepares each and every one of our kids with 21st century skills.

I know what a great outcome looks like from a focus on education by dedicated teachers. Having lost my mother early in life and being the beneficiary of committed educators and mentors, I went on to community college, military service, a four-year university and then earned a Masters degree.


We can't afford a School Board focused on anything other than delivering great opportunities for our children in Fairfax County.

However, the success of our schools is not a given. It requires sustained community effort and a School Board dedicated to effectively governing and working with elected officials, school leadership, teachers, and ensuring parents and community members are respected, informed, and well-represented.

A local school board should not be mired in political or partisan point-making – the emphasis must be on the students. I will be fair, open and transparent to ensure that our students receive the best-possible education. 

The residents of Fairfax County should have School Board Members who believe in seeking to understand from a place of compassion but are willing to demand a focus on decision-making driven by data and the merits of issues.