Meet Chris Grisafe

U.S. Coast Guard Veteran ◦  Community Leader ◦ National Security Professional

I want to protect the excellence in our schools. FCPS must continue to provide a high quality education that prepares all students for the modern workforce, higher education, and the pursuit of responsible citizenship. We must empower and educate our students for success and meaningful lives. They deserve it and the future quality of our community depends on it.

Teachers Made The Difference

Northern Virginia has been my home for over a decade, however, I grew up in an old steel town in Southern California. I don’t know where I would be if not for engaged and concerned teachers and mentors along the way.

Tragically, my mother passed away before I started school. The combination of support from extended family and the influence of inspiring teachers and mentors throughout my formative years made me feel loved at a time when I was most acutely aware I didn’t have a mom, challenged me to do better and to set goals, and inspired me to believe that I could achieve.

Mentors Made The Difference

While on ride-alongs as a high-school student, Sheriff Deputies invested time with me and encouraged me to serve in the their Explorer program, which I credit with leading to my service in the U.S. Coast Guard.

While in the military serving in Alaska, mentors propelled me to take on roles as a Coast Guard spokesperson, to become a San Francisco News station intern, and as a community college student. to further expand my education. With their encouragement, I applied to Loyola Marymount University and became the first in my family to graduate from college - and then went on to earn my MBA from Virginia Tech.

Help Me Make The Difference

The importance and influence of the many teachers and mentors who were consequential guide posts in my life cannot be overstated. Their example, along with the experience of my blended international family, has inspired me, in turn, to give back. I've spent time volunteering with the Junior Achievement Program at an Oakland City school, and as an advisor to students at George Mason University.


Now I seek to serve and represent you as an at-Large member on the Fairfax County School Board. - Chris Grisafe