The Classroom

I am truly passionate about this issue, as each child's experience within their classroom and with their teachers affects them not only now but is key to their future success - as I personally experienced.

When we focus on the classroom - rather than ideology -  we are focusing on what is right for children and their future in our Fairfax County schools.


  • Great teachers are one of the most precious resources high quality school districts have. Attracting and retaining great teachers is critical to our students’ success.

  • Competitive salaries and total compensation - salary plus benefits - of FCPS teachers’ may be benchmarked compared to surrounding market areas, yet we must listen to our teachers to both understand and be innovative in meeting their compensation needs.

  • Supporting our teachers in their educational mission must be an organizing principle for the School Board. Teachers are in the best position to know what’s needed most in their classroom, and by working more closely with teachers, the School Board can make better policy and investment decisions to ensure teachers are best supported with the tools needed to provide a quality education for all students.



Our students deserve access to rigor and all parents should be provided the opportunity to engage in their child’s curriculum to help them excel. The need to develop critical thinkers, problem solvers and highly effective communicators in each of our students begins with strong core competencies and increased rigor in all classes and levels of instruction.

I will fight to ensure the School Board prioritizes rigor in our curriculum to provide a high quality education to ensure all students are prepared for the modern workforce, higher education, and the pursuit of responsible citizenship in order for them to be successful and lead full, meaningful lives.


They deserve it and our future depends on it.

Class Size

Children cannot learn when they are jammed into classrooms like sardines - whether in elementary, middle or high school. A reasonable class size for all students is imperative. I will insist on analysis of the disparity in class sizes throughout the county so that common sense decisions based on fact and equitable metrics can be made to benefit all of our students.