The Budget

The Fairfax County School Board has a budget of $2.8 billion dollars. Fiscal transparency and accountability of our county's resources are essential to make informed investment decisions that enhance the quality of our schools for all students. Despite the fact that more than half of our county’s budget is allocated to our schools, the School Board regularly faces budget deficits, and seem to make nonsensical tradeoffs and hasty budget cuts that undermine our ability to hire and retain great teachers and provide a quality education for all.


To get on better financial and programmatic footing, we need to take a fresh look at our system throughout.

  • It is essential that we conduct a management audit to ensure we are optimally structured to best equip and support teachers for success in the classroom.

  • We must conduct independent program evaluations, through the Board’s newly hired auditor, to gain an objective understanding of the impact of our investments across the full spectrum of FCPS programs in order to make better informed investment decisions that enhance the quality of our schools for all.

  • We must regularly perform zero-based budget reviews to increase rigor in our financial management, build a culture of cost management among all employees, and sustain and enhance impactful investments.


Through these combined efforts, we will be better positioned to address class size, improve teacher pay, and restore responsible stewardship and impact of taxpayer investments.